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Houston Licensed Professional Counselors Association

HLPCA programming update "13 Reasons Why" and teen suicide rates

05/06/2019 9:40 PM | Patti Lawlor (Administrator)

Programming update:

The HLPCA August 2017 program focused on the Netflix fictional account of suicide and the drama "13 Reasons Why".   Almost 2 years later, the effect of the drama on teen suicide rates are now evident. Please click on this link to read a story posted just this week by NIH discussing the seeming connection between 13 Reason Why, the media and teen behavior.  https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/release-13-reasons-why-associated-increase-youth-suicide-rates

The article concludes with "The second season of “13 Reasons Why” was released in May 2018, and a third season is currently in production and is expected to be released sometime this year. The findings from this study should serve as a reminder to be mindful of the possible unintended impacts of the portrayal of suicide, and as a call to the entertainment industry and the media to use best practices when engaging with this topic."

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