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Houston Licensed Professional Counselors Association

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Past events

02/14/2020 February Monthly CEU Meeting. Law Enforcement’s Piece of the Puzzle- Encountering People with Autism Spectrum Disorder. WEAR RED OR PINK FOR WOMEN'S HEART MONTH AND VALENTINE'S DAY
01/10/2020 January Monthly CEU Meeting: An Eclectic Approach to Relationship Counseling using the Gottman Method
12/06/2019 Holiday Mix and Mingle (Members only event)
11/09/2019 3 Hour Ethics Workshop - Conducting Best Practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC): Know Texas LPC Laws, The Code of Ethics, and the Appropriate Use of Social Media and the Internet
10/12/2019 Walk for Mental Health Awareness- Donate now!
10/11/2019 October Monthly CEU Meeting: The Houston Police Department Mental Health Division In Action.
09/13/2019 September Monthly CEU Meeting: Play Therapy and the Brain With 'Tweens and Teens
08/09/2019 August Monthly CEU Meeting: Recognizing, Preventing, and Healing Counselor Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
07/12/2019 July Social and Networking event-members and non-members -- No CEUs. Come check us out!! REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.
06/14/2019 June Monthly CEU Meeting: Topic- Anxiety Pressure Points
05/10/2019 CANCELLED- MAY 10 MEETING. Presentation will occur at future date. Elections will be held at June meeting. May Monthly CEU Meeting: Understanding Adult Attachment Disorder. *** Prior to presentation Elections of new Board Members
04/12/2019 April Monthly CEU Meeting: Intern and student welcome-Start time 6:15pm, followed by Promises and Pitfalls- a Private Practice Panel presentation
03/08/2019 March Monthly CEU Meeting: Mental Health Crisis and the College Student
02/08/2019 February Monthly CEU Meeting: Community Integration For Young Adults with Dual Diagnosis.
01/11/2019 January Monthly CEU Meeting: Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) A Body-Mind Approach to Healing Trauma & Increasing Resiliency
12/07/2018 Holiday Mix and Mingle (Members only event)
11/03/2018 3 Hour Ethics Workshop - "Ethics: Resolving Ethical Issues in Mental Health Settings"
10/12/2018 October Monthly CEU Meeting: Snacks and a Movie. Special start time- 6:30pm
10/06/2018 Walk for Mental Health Awareness
09/14/2018 September Monthly CEU Meeting: "Becoming a LGBTQ Competent Mental Health Professional
08/10/2018 August Monthly CEU Meeting: ME! ME! ME! Menninger's Clinic Presentation on Personality Disorders
07/13/2018 July Social Networking event-members and non-members -- No CEUs. Come check us out!!
06/08/2018 June Monthly CEU Meeting: Disaster Preparedness for Counselors: Using Psychological First Aid to Support Individuals Through Disasters and Crises
05/11/2018 May Monthly CEU Meeting: Embodied trauma: Integrating Trauma-Informed Yoga into Therapy
04/13/2018 April Monthly CEU Meeting: Getting the Most Out Of Supervision (plus our yearly intern welcome!)
03/09/2018 March Monthly CEU Meeting: Treatment and Evaluation of Adult Sex Offenders
02/09/2018 February Monthly CEU Meeting - After the Storm: Lessons learned from the mental health community following Hurricane Harvey
01/12/2018 January Monthly CEU Meeting: TMS Therapy: A Unique and Proven Approach to Treating Depression
12/08/2017 HLPCA Holiday Mix and Mingle II- (MEMBERS only event)
11/11/2017 3 Hour Ethics Workshop- “Boundaries and Ethical Dilemmas for Texas LPCs while working with Challenging Clients and Difficult Situations”
10/13/2017 October CEU Meeting: The Art of Self-care and Avoiding Compassion Fatigue
09/08/2017 CANCELED!! September CEU Meeting: The Art of Self-care and Avoiding Compassion Fatigue
08/11/2017 August CEU Meeting: Snacks and a Movie. 13 Reasons Why!. Note special time!
07/14/2017 Summer Networking event - no CEU meeting this month!
06/09/2017 June CEU Meeting: Counselor Reboot-
05/12/2017 May CEU Meeting: Body Centered Therapy
04/07/2017 April CEU Meeting: Autism Awareness, Adult Resources, and Living life with Autism. Click for special guest speaker info.
03/10/2017 March CEU Meeting: Intern Welcome and Private Practice Panel
02/10/2017 February CEU Meeting: Are the Kids All Right? Children's Mental Health and Schools
01/13/2017 January CEU Meeting: Play Therapy: Basics for Working with Children
12/09/2016 HLPCA Holiday Jingle, Mix, and Mingle (Members Only Event)
11/12/2016 3 Hour CEU Ethics Workshop- Ethical and Competent: Working with the LGBTQ Community
10/14/2016 October CEU Meeting: Snacks and a Movie
10/08/2016 Walk for Mental Health Awareness Houston - Join our team!
09/09/2016 September CEU Meeting: Courage in Counseling: Practical Applications of Shame Resilience Theory
08/12/2016 August CEU Meeting: Working with Couples: Practices that Lead to Powerful & Lasting Change
07/08/2016 No CEU Meeting - July Social Event
06/10/2016 June CEU meeting- With the Digital Age Comes Digital Threats to Relationships
05/13/2016 May CEU Meeting- A Closer Look into Adoption and Post Adoption Services
04/08/2016 April CEU Meeting: Well Moms
03/11/2016 March CEU Meeting: Intern Welcome and Networking followed by Connecting for Self-Care Presentation
01/08/2016 January CEU Meeting:Teamwork- Psychotropic Medications and Therapy
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